who am i?

i'm still soul-searching for that answer, but here's some fun facts

waco, tx currently. 
baylor university marketing and entrepreneurship double major with minors in leadership and studio art. set to graduate august 2019.
i'm actively searching for an entry level digital marketing-related job in austin, texas. if you have an opening, or know of one in town, i would love to chat with you! my resume and other information is available upon request. 

automotive photographer with additional experience in portrait, lifestyle, and commercial product photography.
editorial features include stanceworks, petrolicious, buttoned bears.
commercial work includes wheelpros, giovanna wheels, kc trends motorsports, coupe cartel, c3 international, tyler coey, never done design house, common grounds woodway, and more.

if i'm not taking photos then i'm drinking coffee, listening to stevie ray vaughan, or hoping my truck doesn't fall apart. 

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